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SCR system – how does it work, AdBlue emulation

An SCR system is used to reduce the amount of exhaust emissions from vehicles. It breaks down the various chemicals within the exhaust fumes into mostly water and nitrogen, which are much better suited for the environment. To operate properly, the SCR system needs to be supplied with AdBlue, which is a simple, non-toxic solution made […]

Cummins AdBlue Emulators – a cheap and reliable alternative

Vehicles with Cummins engines are notorious for having SCR systems which are expensive to fix. Cummins parts are not only rare in the EU, but they are also as unreliable as any other SCR systems, making the repair bill even larger than usual. Thankfully, CanLogic offers a solution for the issue. The CanSmart Cummins AdBlue […]

NOx sensors faults – how to fix NOx faults, NOx emulators

What is a NOx sensor? A NOx (nitrogen oxide) sensor is a device that is used to analyse the emissions of a vehicle and determine the amount of nitrogen oxides being produced. It is typically placed before or after the catalyst in the SCR system to calculate if the emissions are at an appropriate level. […]

Saving or increasing work time, legal tachograph solution

Truck drivers are typically strictly regulated on their working time, as the job requires to be well-rested to adequately operate a heavy vehicle on the road. While the law is to be strictly followed, there are moments where the given time per day is simply not enough to finish a job, especially when you are […]

LIMP mode during transit – what to do?

Whenever you drive a truck with an SCR system, you risk to spend upwards to £4000 on SCR system repair as well as letting your clients or partners down. And it is not a secret how the SCR system works and why it fails: multiple sensors pick up the emission levels at different stages of […]

SCR faults and Limp mode

Government emission standards usually require trucks to be equipped with an SCR system. This is especially true in the EU, where these regulations present very strict guidelines to emission levels. Sadly, these do not make the life for an average fleet owner easy, as the SCR system has received a hefty amount of criticism over […]

Fuel theft – what you need to know, fuel tank alarm

Fuel theft is becoming a worrisome trend – it is very easy to get away with emptying an oil tank on a vehicle that is parked at an unsecured spot. A common sight is where the tank is fully accessible – no sensors, no alarm, no locks anywhere, so it is easy to take advantage […]

Benefits of AdBlue emulators

Why do many truckers and companies with fleets go in favor of using an AdBlue emulator (sometimes illegally even)? This answer can be answered with just two words – costs and time. 1. SCR system replacement expenditure It is widely known that SCR systems for trucks are not cheap. And when we mean not cheap, […]

Methods of AdBlue removal – software, AdBlue emulators

The SCR system proves to be quite a hassle for Euro-standard trucks outside of Europe – the costs of AdBlue and the significant repair costs of the SCR system make the use of AdBlue emulators a no-brainer. However, what other options are there? Here are some popular AdBlue removal methods: Software-side removal methods Rewriting software […]