Truck drivers are typically strictly regulated on their working time, as the job requires to be well-rested to adequately operate a heavy vehicle on the road. While the law is to be strictly followed, there are moments where the given time per day is simply not enough to finish a job, especially when you are facing potential traffic jams, daily transportation duties or try to find an appropriate parking spot for your vehicle.

Fortunately, there is a solution on the market which can help you gain up to 45 minutes of working time per day – the Tacho Timer.

The Tacho Timer is a device which shows you whenever you can move without time being registered onto the tachograph. It is immensely useful for lorry owners which feel that they (or their drivers) need extra time during their working day.

Digital tachographs count your working time by rounding the nearest 30 seconds (so if you drive 29 seconds within a minute, then it will not count, but if you drive 30 or more seconds, then it will count as a minute). The Tacho Timer will show you exactly when you will be able to drive safely on breaks, but it will take the sum of 2 minutes together (drive 58 seconds, wait 62).

The device does not modify or interfere with the tachograph and is completely legal to use.

There are a few situations in which it can help you gain extra time:

  • Unloading can take a bit of time since a queue might be present at the entrance, not to mention setting up the cargo for unloading. With the Tacho Timer you can save a fair amount of time on finding the right way to park as well as moving through queues bit by bit.
  • Traffic is never predictable on the journey, but you can shave off a lot of time while on a break – slow occasional movement is exactly what the Tacho Timer works best in.
  • Parking with cargo is often times difficult to do right away, which gives you a fair bit of opportunity to use the Tacho Timer while doing so.
  • Customs would also have queues to go through, you can shave off a few minutes just by turning on the Tacho Timer for a few moments.

On average, this can save you around 20-30 minutes per full working day, plus there is no need to tamper with the tachograph or use any other illegal practices.

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