We would like to introduce our latest feature – Can Smart adblue emulators with self-diagnosis function enabled. This will make adblue emulator installations much easier as installer will be able to quickly pin point the problem using self-diagnosis led light system on the emulator. The way it works is once you have connected adblue emulator and switched ignition on, you will see a number of led lights on the emulator light up. Each of these lights will indicate correct (or incorrect) SCR, NOX, CAN LINE.. connections. 

Although most of our trade customers are very knowledgeable about adblue emulator installation, and normally do not require any assistance, some novice installers may not get it right the first time, especially on more complicated EURO 6 trucks. That is where self-diagnosis function comes in really handy.

Let’s discuss some main adblue emulator installation points, and how self-diagnosis led system can help.

CAN LINE Connection:

Adblue emulator will communicate with vehicle’s ECU via Can lines (canbus) Emulator needs to receive and send constant signals indicating/emulating SCR/NOX system performance as if it was working as it should even though these systems will be disconnected after adblue emulator is installed. Therefor it is very important to connect can lines correctly. You will have two led lights on the emulator next for can line connection diagnosis. Should connection be correct, you’ll see a light next to ‘’[OK] Can line’’ light up. Should connection be not correct, you will see ‘’[PROBLEM] Can line’’ Knowing that there is a problem with can line connection, you should first try swapping can lines over (can-hi with can-low) in most cases this will be the answer to the problem. If this did not help and you still have a PROBLEM light on, you should inspect your can lines making sure they are ‘live’ and not broken.

SCR Disconnection:

In order for adblue emulator to perform properly, after installation you will need to disconnect SCR system or at least some of its components, depending on truck make and model. Emulator will be sending signals to the vehicle ECU, which would normally be sent by SCR system, so it is important SCR system is disconnected. If it is not, ECU will receive double signals which will cause errors codes. Should SCR disconnection be done correctly, you will see [OK] SCR disconnected. IF SCR is not disconnected, or disconnected incorrectly, you will see [PROBLEM] Disconnect SCR.  

These are only some of the benefits self-diagnosis adblue emulator system can offer. It gives the installer instant connection diagnosis and makes it clear what needs to be corrected in case of incorrect connection.

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 at 23:00 GMT ending almost half century of membership. From this date and time, the UK and the EU entered a transition period. It was agreed that during transition period the UK is no longer a member of the EU, but will remain a member of single market and customs union. Transition period has ended at 11pm on 31 December 2020 and the UK has left the single market and customs union with immediate effect.

As a result of UK leaving the single market and customs union, new rules apply to things like travelling and doing business with the EU. For customs purposes, the UK is teated as any other third/non-EU country as of 1 January 2021 and customs procedures and formalities now apply to trade between the UK and the EU. 

So what has changed with buying adblue emulators or other our products?

AdBlue emulator and other product prices after Brexit:

Our prices will no go up. In fact, we are making our prices better. We have started a few mass production lines at the end of last year, which allows us for making our cost lower. Such savings will be in turn passed on to our trade customers who will enjoy much better prices in 2021 especially on our main products such adblue emulators.


We will try to do our best to hold a small stock of adblue emulators, OBD Error code scanners and other of our most popular products at our UK base, but our main warehouse is now based in the EU and therefore most parcels will be posted from the EU. We will do our best to post UK customer orders from our UK stock, in which case nothing will change, you will still receive your order quickly and there will be no additional cost. However, if we do not have your item in the UK stock, it will be posted to you from our EU base. Orders from our EU base will be posted with DHL Express service. As of yet we have not had any delays or additional charges such import duty, vat etc.. reported by our customers. Parcels are getting to the UK within 2 working days. However, these are uncertain times indeed, and this could change anytime.

In summary, we may post your order from our EU stock if product is not in stock at our UK base. As a result you may incur additional charges such as import duty or VAT. You, the customer, will be solely responsible for any such charges. 


In accordance with the agreed Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, EU customs rules and procedures generally continue to apply to goods entering and leaving Northern Ireland. Therefor, nothing has changed for our customers in Northern Ireland, at least not so far. Our products such as adblue emulators, nox emulators and error code cleaners will be delivered the next working day via DHL Express service and there will be no additional charges or customs paperwork required for your goods. We do not know what will future hold, but for now, we have not had any extra charges or delays reported by our NI customers.


Nothing will change for our EU customers. Your orders will be posted from our EU base so most countries within the EU will enjoy same rapid next working day delivery and no extra charges whatsoever. Just as before, customers that are VAT registered will pay no VAT on their orders, subject to providing a valid VAT registration number.              


Nothing will change for our customers in the rest of the world. Your orders for products such as adblue emulators will be posted from our EU base so you will enjoy same fast delivery via DHL Express and no extra paperwork or other formalities due to brexit. Customers will also pay no VAT as their orders will be going for export outside the EU.

Limp mode, also known as limp home mode, is a feature in all trucks, which activates once the vehicle’s ECU detects a fault. In trucks, this happens mostly due to a fault with emissions control system. So it may be a failure of one or more SCR system components, NOx sensors, DPF or anything else within the emissions control system.  Once fault is detected, ECU will give you a certain number of hours/miles/starts before limp mode kicks in. When it does, the engine’s power will be limited until the fault in question is rectified.

Limp mode can be problematic, in most cases your truck will only go at a speed of about 20 miles per hour, such drastic is the engine’s power reduction. In trucks this can be especially bad if the vehicle is loaded at the time making it practically impossible to carry on driving safely.

There is not much you can do about limp mode when it is activated. The problem has to be fixed and relative error codes cleared before your truck will return to full power. However, something can be done. We are proud to present our Emergency Limp Mode reset tool, which will always get you out of trouble with limp mode. This is very simple plug & play tool which simply plugs in to the OBD port inside the cab. The way it works is the tool will automatically scan, detect and delete any inactive error codes from the truck’s ECU once plugged in, all you have to do is turn ignition on. Deleting the error codes will result in limp mode timer re-setting and giving you a new countdown until it kicks in again. Your vehicle will return to full power and if limp mode kicks in again after some time, you just reset it again. With SMART DTC emergency limp mode reset tool you will be able to complete your journey on full power no matter how far away you are from your destination.

We have developed a wide range of Limp Mode Reset tools for most European trucks. Full range, photos and specification can be found via link below:

European emission standards for truck and other heavy-duty vehicle diesel engines are normally known as Euro I, Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI. Starting with Euro 1 standard in 1992 the main aim was to reduce pollution and in turn improve air quality within the EU.

Euro I standard was introduced in 1992. Euro II standard followed in 1996. Both these standards were voluntary and were not enforced.

Euro III standard was introduced in 1999. This introduced a separate nitrogen oxide limit. 

Euro IV standard was introduced in 2005. 

Euro V standard was introduced in 2008

Euro VI standard started in 2013/2014

European emissions standards in trucks are the set limit of maximum values of harmful emissions that are allowed to come out of the exhaust. To fight pollution and for reasons such as health and air quality, the regulated emissions are:

  • Oxides of Nitrogen
  • Particulate Matter
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Ammonia

Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards have mainly concentrated on reducing particular matter and oxides of nitrogen emissions. These trucks would normally have emissions control system consisting of all or two of below components:

EGR (‘exhaust gas recirculation’ this will reduce Oxides of Nitrogen emissions by adding cooled exhaust gas to intake air)

SCR (‘selective catalytic reduction’ system, this will reduce Oxides of Nitrogen emissions by adding ammonia (adblue) to exhaust system)

NOX (‘oxides of nitrogen’ nox sensor removes oxygen and breaks down the nitrogen oxides to provide a reading, this reading is then sent to truck’s SCR system which can then adjust itself to reduce NOx levels)

Most common combination in Euro 5 trucks is SCR + two NOx sensors. 

Euro 6 is obviously is the most complex emission control system to date. Some manufacturers claim it offers a range of ecological advantages such as up to 99% reduction in particulate matter, up to 97% reduction in Oxides of Nitrogen and other emission reductions..  This comes at cost, Euro 6 SCR, Nox or DPF systems are extremely expensive to repair and unfortunately not as reliable as one would hope for.. Other potential downsides would be Euro 6 trucks will consume more adblue and some fleets have reported higher diesel consumption as well. To put it simply, Euro 6 trucks have the most stringent emissions control system to date, but this most certainly come at a price of much higher maintenance cost.

Euro 6 truck emissions system normally consists of three or all 4 components below:

EGR (‘exhaust gas recirculation’ this will reduce Oxides of Nitrogen emissions by adding cooled exhaust gas to intake air)

DPF (‘diesel particulate filter’, this will filter out soot particles from engine exhaust gas, when filter is full it will increase temperature to burn soot out, this process is known as ‘re-generation’)

SCR (‘selective catalytic reduction’ system, this will reduce Oxides of Nitrogen emissions by adding ammonia (adblue) to exhaust system)

NOX (‘oxides of nitrogen’ nox sensor removes oxygen and breaks down the nitrogen oxides to provide a reading, this reading is then sent to truck’s SCR system which can then adjust itself to reduce NOx levels)

So far Euro 6 is the latest and most advanced emission standard in trucks. Nobody is yet talking about Euro 7 standard, and no manufacturer has announced any dates as of yet. It is very hard to predict when will the new Euro 7 standard arrive or what will it be like..

Although good quality adblue emulators are quite easy to install and use, there are some issues that may arise whilst installing it. Below we will discuss some of the most common issues with certain truck makes and models.

Volvo EURO 6 FH, FM, FMX

If truck has SCR related problems/error codes, before installing the emulator, most of them will go away after installation. However, there is one error code in particular which will stay. This is an error related to ‘poor AdBlue quality’ This is an active error code which will not go away. This fault must be cleared/deleted after installing the emulator using dealer level diagnostic tool such as VOLVO VOCOM. Once this error code is cleared it will not come back and the emulator will work fine. Please see photos below on how to clear this fault.

**3 photos of diagnostic. ** + 1 PHOTO OF ERROR ON DASH


DAF LF EURO 5 models will require Can Smart Cummins emulator. This can be installed to a vehicle with fully operational adblue system as well as to a vehicle with existing adblue or nox related problems/faults. Our emulator will emulate both – adblue system as well as nox sensors. If vehicle already had adblue faults prior to installing the emulator, these will disappear after installation. However, if there was an active nox fault it will stay even after installing the emulator. Don’t worry, this is nothing serious. The vehicle needs to be driven under load for a bit for this fault to clear by itself. This is due to the fact that the truck’s ECU needs run tests and register correct signals sent by the emulator. NOX tests are run at high temperature hence the vehicle must be driven to achieve such conditions. Normally, active nox fault will disappear after 20 – 50 miles of driving. You can also clear this fault with diagnostic tool, but should you not have access to such tool simply driving the vehicle will eliminate the fault.

Should you still have adblue related faults after installing the emulator, please check adblue tank level sensor and temperature sensor. These cannot be emulated and must be in working condition. The adblue emulator covers all other SCR components.

Troubleshooting DAF LF EURO 5

Can Smart Cummins adblue emulator have self-diagnosis function. With emulator fully installed, fuses taken out and ignition on, check the led lights on the emulator:

RED light = can lines connected incorrectly

Action: check instructions again to make sure you have made correct connections.  If it seems right, swap can lines over and check the light again.

RED/YELLOW light = SCR system not disconnected

Action: Check instructions again and make sure correct fuses are taken out.

Blue light = emulator is fully operational.


Not all Scania Euro 5 adblue emulators will work with this model. We do have bespoke emulator for this vehicle, but please note it is important you quote this model when ordering your emulator. We can also offer plug & play adblue emulator for Scania R730 trucks.


There are two adblue emulators for MAN Euro 6 trucks. The only difference between them is a slight difference in program/software. The difference is in adblue tank size. Large trucks (TGX, TGS) will have large adblue tanks whilst smaller trucks (TGM, TGL) will have a smaller tank. Emulator does need to be programmed for the correct adblue tank size. If you have ordered emulator for TGS/TGX truck it will not work on TGM/TGL trucks and vice versa. Please provide full vehicle details when ordering to ensure we supply correct emulators.


It is important to mention that can line connections must be connected at the correct place ensuring can line speed ability to receive and send signals from/to the ECU. Unlike in most Euro 5 trucks where CAN-LINE connections can be taken from OBD port, it is not the case with Scania trucks. CAN-LINES should be connected at engine bay under the cab and extension routed back into the cab

This will ensure optimum adblue emulator performance and longevity.

Please note, CAN-LINE connections will be different for 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Please pay particular attention to this part of instructions.


If you have installed the adblue emulator correctly, but it is not working, please check if the vehicle is fitted with retarder. Our Volvo FL, FE adblue emulators are only suitable for trucks without retarder at the moment.

To be continued….

Adblue emulators are available for most MAN trucks. Main MAN truck models are TGX, TGS, TGM and TGL. For MAN euro 4 and euro 5 models, single Can Smart MAN EURO 5 adblue emulator will suit all of them. Factors such as gearbox being automatic or manual and others will not affect the emulator performance. MAN Euro 4 / MAN Euro 5 adblue emulator will have four wires to connect (can lines plus power supply) Installing MAN Euro 5 adblue emulator is easy and quick. Estimated installation time is 40 minutes.

We have been producing MAN Euro 4/5 adblue emulators for many years now and are quite confident this is one of the best adblue disconnection devices on the market today.

We are also proud to be able to offer MAN Euro 6 adblue emulators. Euro 6 MAN trucks come in same models as Euro 5 trucks, main models being TGX, TGS, TGL & TGM. Although Euro 5 emulator would suit all models without exception, there are couple of variants with Euro 6 trucks. The difference is in adblue tank, they come in two sizes. MAN TGX and TGS are larger/long distance lorries, which would normally have a larger adblue tank. Smaller, town trucks such as TGM or TGL would have a smaller tank. It is very important that you quote the correct vehicle model when ordering your adblue emulator as these will have to programmed according to the truck’s adblue tank volume. So the emulator for MAN TGX could also be installed to MAN TGS, but it would not work 100% on trucks with small adblue tanks like TGM or TGL. Same goes for the smaller models, TGM adblue emulator can be installed to other small truck such as TGL, but not to larger trucks like TGX… This is the only difference between the two adblue emulator models we have for MAN Euro 6 trucks. Can Smart emulator will work on trucks with retarder or without and with any transmission type.

MAN EURO 6 adblue emulator will fully emulate SCR and also NOX systems. Can Smart MAN Euro 6 adblue emulator can be installed to a vehicle which already has SCR or NOX related problems. Emulator will not disconnect or emulate DPF system, which means everything will stay the same with DPF and you do not need to remove the filter or do anything with it. Re-generation will also run as normal.

As with any of our products, our MAN adblue emulators come with instructions, tech support and 2 year warranty.

None of us likes difficult and complex adblue emulator installations. Can Logic Ltd have been, and still is, working hard to develop a range of easy to install plug and play adblue emulators. Below are latest additions to our plug and play adblue emulator range.


Easy plug and play emulator, which plugs in to electronic junction box under the bonnet.  There would also be one wire to connect within the same junction box. Estimated installation time 15 minutes. Volvo Euro 5 plug and play adblue emulator adblue emulator would fit these Volvo models: FH, FM, FMX. This emulator would not suit smaller trucks such as Volvo FL and FE models. Adblue emulator needs to be connected at OBD port in these trucks.

Volvo Euro 5 plug and play adblue emulators are made to order.


4-series Volvo trucks can be Euro 5, but their emissions control system is nothing like in older 3-series Volvo Euro 5 models. We are now able to offer plug & play adblue emulator for Volvo FH4 Euro 5 trucks, this is suitable for FH, FM and FMX models without retarder. Simple plug in installation and full SCR emulation on offer with Volvo FH4 Euro 5 plug & play adblue emulator.

These emulators are normally available of shelf for quick dispatch.


Volvo Euro 6 adblue emulator is designed for FH4, FM4, FMX4 trucks. Emulator plugs in to truck’s ACM unit, which only takes minutes. By far the easiest adblue emulator to install on the market today. Full SCR emulation, plug & play installation and full warranty. At the moment, our Volvo Euro 6 plug & play adblue emulator is only suitable for trucks without retarder. For retarder fitted vehicles, our simple wired-in adblue emulator will do the job.

These emulators are normally available of shelf for quick dispatch.


Scania Euro 5 adblue emulator installation is not as simple as wiring box in with four wires as can lines need to be taken from engine bay, resulting in longer installation time. However, this is no longer the case with our latest Scania Euro 5 plug and play adblue emulators. Exceptionally quick and easy installation and full SCR and NOx emulation is offered by this emulator, which is suitable for most Scania models.

Scania Euro 5 plug and play adblue emulators are made to order.

DAF LF45, DAF LF55, CF65 Euro 5

Introducing our Cummins Euro 5 plug and play adblue emulator for DAF LF45, DAF LF55 and DAF CF65 trucks. The simplest installation ever, device plugs into truck’s NOx sensor and SCR and NOx systems are disabled by taking out relative fuses. Emulator offers adblue and nox disconnection/emulation and is very easy install and use. This is one of the best adblue disconnect solutions available for Cummins powered trucks.

Cummins Euro 5 plug & play adblue emulators are made to order. More plug and play emulators will follow in the next update shortly.

We have a wide selection of adblue emulators for Mercedes-Benz trucks. For Euro 4/5 Mercedes trucks our Can Smart MB Euro 5 adblue emulator will be suitable for the following models: AXOR, ACTROS, ATEGO, VARIO, ECONIC. Installation to these trucks is not the easiest one if you want it to do it properly and have no error codes on your dash. Although most online retailers will tell you that you will only need to install the emulator box by connecting four wires, in reality there are additional tasks you will need to attend to, to have your adblue emulator performing 100%. 

So to start with you will need to connect 4 wires as with most euro 5 trucks, these connections being for can lines and power supply. You will then need to route another 2-wire harness from the emulator to the engine bay underneath the cab. This needs to be done to fully emulate all SCR system sensors.

After installing adblue emulator, you will need to disable SCR and Nox systems, this is done by removing one fuse and cutting one wire. Although detailed instructions will be supplied, it is probably not the best idea for the novice adblue emulator installer to take on Mercedes Euro 5 adblue emulator installation.

At around 2013 Mercedes introduced a new 4-series trucks known as MP4.

4-series Mercedes trucks can still have Euro 5 emission standard especially if these trucks were manufactured around 2013 – 2014. Even though they are still Euro 5, SCR systems in these vehicles have nothing in common with older MP3 series euro 5 trucks. MP4 Euro 5 Mercedes trucks have SCR system which is a hybrid between euro 5 and euro 6, but way more similar to euro 6 systems than euro 5 system. Hence MP4 Euro 5 trucks will require a dedicated emulator, neither MP3 Euro 5 nor MP4 Euro 6 adblue emulator will be suitable for these trucks. It is very important not to confuse MP3 Euro 5 truck with MP4 Euro 5 truck as these have completely different adblue systems and requires different emulators. MP4 trucks are easy to visually recognise as they would have a newer cab compared to older, MP3 series trucks.

Lastly, we can offer emulators for Mercedes Euro 6 trucks. These are 4-series (MP4) trucks with Euro 6 emission standard systems. After years of development we can now offer ideal solution for the following Mercedes Euro 6 trucks: ACTROS, ATEGO, AROCS, ANTOS. What sets our emulator apart form others is that Can Smart adblue emulator will fully emulate all emission control systems including DPF. It would be recommended to remove DPF filter after installing adblue emulator as it will get full as time goes by. Alternatively, you will need to carry out forced re-generation once filter gets full.

Can Smart Mercedes adblue emulators are suitable for trucks with retarder or without.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss adblue disconnect possibilities for your Mercedes truck.

Adblue emulators are mainly used in trucks and other heavy vehicles, although we are seeing adblue emulators for light vehicles/cars and vans also emerging. The main purpose of adblue emulator is to replicate normal SCR system performance. It does that by sending signals to the vehicle’s ECU indicating that everything within the SCR/NOX systems is working fine, even though the SCR system is disconnected or removed altogether.

Adblue emulator will require power supply and also connection to CAN lines. Installation on Euro 6 trucks may be a little more complicated. The emulator is normally connected to after ignition power supply so that it becomes operational once ignition is turned on, and goes off once ignition is turned off. Adblue emulator will send signals via CAN lines to the truck’s ECU (engine control unit) imitating normal SRC system performance this way fooling the ECU in to thinking everything within the SCR/NOX systems is working as should be. ECU no longer detects any defects/faults within the SCR system as it is no longer receiving such data from the SCR system, instead the signals come from the emulator. You will also need to disconnect SCR system after installing adblue emulator, this is normally done by removing fuses or cutting power supply. SCR system will no longer be operational and no DEF/adblue will be used. 

With good quality adblue emulator, after installation there should be no warning lights on your dashboard, adblue level gauge should be operational and everything should look and feel as normal, as if nothing happened.. 

SCR system can be restored back to working order by simply removing/disconnecting the emulator and restoring the power supply to the SCR system. Normally, there will be no damage to any SCR system components after restoring it to normal performance after the adblue emulator was used, but there are some exceptions. Without the adblue fluid circulating through the SCR system, some of its components may fail after some time. For example, on some trucks adblue pump is also cooled with adblue liquid, hence when the SCR system is disconnected / not working and no adblue liquid is flowing through, it may cause for the tump to fail/cease. In trucks where such risk exists a proper adblue emulator installation would be to remove the pump and block off any openings this creates. We are well familiar with such risks and issues that may arise in the future so please get in touch and we will advice you what is needed to successfully install/use adblue emulators in your trucks.

Euro 5 trucks would normally be equipped with SCR (adblue) system as well as one or two nox sensors, depending on vehicle make and model. Can Smart adblue emulators do emulate SCR system in full as well as nox sensor(s). This means they will solve any SCR or NOx related problem. Another great thing about our adblue emulators is that you can install them even if your truck is already showing SCR or NOx related error codes and, furthermore, you can even install it to a truck, which is in limp mode/limp home mode. There will be no need for diagnostic tools to clear the faults; our Euro 5 adblue emulator will make error codes, warning lights and limp mode disappear after installation!

Euro 6 trucks would have more complicated emission systems. These would normally consist of SCR system, DPF and two nox sensors. Unlike with Euro 5 adblue emulators, there are no universal emulators available for Euro 6 trucks. These vehicles will require a dedicated emulator and will also incur a little more complicated installation. Normally, to install adblue emulator to Euro 6 truck you will need to connect anywhere between 4 and 12 wires, depending on vehicle make and model. Most Can Smart adblue emulators for Euro 6 trucks will emulate all emission systems, (SCR, DPF, NOX) but that depends on vehicle make and model. Some will emulate everything, others may only emulate SCR system, etc.. Please make sure to ask these questions when purchasing adblue emulator to make sure you are getting precisely what you need.

Can Smart adblue emulator range for EURO 6 trucks:









We may also be able to offer solutions for other heavy goods transport such as agricultural or construction vehicles. Please get in touch to confirm possibilities.

Volvo trucks are well known for their SCR, NOX and DPF systems being very unreliable. Another grim fact is that Volvo adblue system problems are very expensive to fix. Naturally, many Volvo truck/fleet owners would rather have these systems ‘put to sleep’ instead of constantly spending vast amounts of money to repair these Volvo SCR or DPF systems. Although, adblue emulators are illegal in the UK and within the EU, there are plenty countries out there that do not enforce/support European Emission Standards and where using adblue emulator is perfectly legal.

Lets discuss Volvo Euro 5 trucks first. Most common Volvo Euro 5 truck models are: FH, FM, FMX, FE, FL. All of these models have the same SCR system hence the same Volvo Euro 5 adblue emulator will be suitable for all of them. These trucks would also have two nox sensors in addition to SCR system. Can Smart emulators will disconnect and fully emulate both. adblue system as well as nox sensors. Cheaper Chinese or Turkish versions will normally disconnect only limited components within the Volvo SCR or Nox system. To install the emulator in Volvo Euro 5 trucks you will need to connect four wires, installation should not take more than 20-30 minutes. After installing Can Smart emulator your adblue level gauge and all other parameters will be indicating normal SCR and Nox system performance. Even if the vehicle already had adblue or nox errors/faults prior to installing the emulator, these will disappear. If your vehicle was in limp mode it will be back to full power after installing Can Smart adblue emulator.

Plug & play Volvo euro 5 adblue emulators are also available on request. Such emulator would plug into SCR socket located within the junction box under the bonnet. You would also need to connect single wire (negative) This would save you about 10 – 15 minutes on installation, but apart from that it offers the same benefits as the emulator which has to be hardwired in.

It may also be possible to disconnect adblue and nox on Volvo euro 5 trucks by re-mapping the ecu file. This would involve changing factory settings (maps) within the ECU file. A file needs to be downloaded and emailed to us. Once we have modified it, we will send it back for uploading.

Next we have Series 4, Euro 5 Volvo trucks. These trucks are normally known as FH4, FM4… It is important to understand that these trucks are different to Series 3 Euro 5 models. Volvo 4-series Euro 5 trucks will require a special, dedicated adblue emulator as normal Euro 5 emulator will not be suitable. 4-series trucks have a different emission control system to that of an older, 3-series Volvo trucks. Can Smart adblue emulators for Volvo FH4 Euro 5 trucks are one of the best out there and suitable for trucks with retarder or without. We can also offer plug&play adblue emulator for Volvo FH4 Euro 5 trucks.

Volvo FH4 Euro 5 adblue emulator is the only option available at present to disconnect adblue system. ECU file re-mapping is not possible on these models.

Volvo Euro 6 trucks have completely different, and way more advanced emission control systems. There are no universal emulator which would fit all models. There are two types of SCR systems in Volvo Euro 6 trucks, one in large lorries such as FH, FM and another, slightly different system in small, town trucks such as FE, FL. We can offer adblue emulators all of these models. For Volvo FH, FM, FMX trucks we can offer a choice of adblue emulators, Can Smart Volvo Euro 6 adblue emulator (this has to be wired in) or Can Smart Plug & Play adblue emulator. Apart from the installation, the only other difference is that plug & play adblue emulator is only suitable for trucks without retarder. Normal Volvo Euro 6 adblue emulator is suitable for trucks with retarder or without.

Volvo Euro 6 adblue emulator is the only option available at present to disconnect adblue system. ECU file re-mapping is not possible on these trucks.