We have a wide selection of adblue emulators for Mercedes-Benz trucks. For Euro 4/5 Mercedes trucks our Can Smart MB Euro 5 adblue emulator will be suitable for the following models: AXOR, ACTROS, ATEGO, VARIO, ECONIC. Installation to these trucks is not the easiest one if you want it to do it properly and have no error codes on your dash. Although most online retailers will tell you that you will only need to install the emulator box by connecting four wires, in reality there are additional tasks you will need to attend to, to have your adblue emulator performing 100%. 

So to start with you will need to connect 4 wires as with most euro 5 trucks, these connections being for can lines and power supply. You will then need to route another 2-wire harness from the emulator to the engine bay underneath the cab. This needs to be done to fully emulate all SCR system sensors.

After installing adblue emulator, you will need to disable SCR and Nox systems, this is done by removing one fuse and cutting one wire. Although detailed instructions will be supplied, it is probably not the best idea for the novice adblue emulator installer to take on Mercedes Euro 5 adblue emulator installation.

At around 2013 Mercedes introduced a new 4-series trucks known as MP4.

4-series Mercedes trucks can still have Euro 5 emission standard especially if these trucks were manufactured around 2013 – 2014. Even though they are still Euro 5, SCR systems in these vehicles have nothing in common with older MP3 series euro 5 trucks. MP4 Euro 5 Mercedes trucks have SCR system which is a hybrid between euro 5 and euro 6, but way more similar to euro 6 systems than euro 5 system. Hence MP4 Euro 5 trucks will require a dedicated emulator, neither MP3 Euro 5 nor MP4 Euro 6 adblue emulator will be suitable for these trucks. It is very important not to confuse MP3 Euro 5 truck with MP4 Euro 5 truck as these have completely different adblue systems and requires different emulators. MP4 trucks are easy to visually recognise as they would have a newer cab compared to older, MP3 series trucks.

Lastly, we can offer emulators for Mercedes Euro 6 trucks. These are 4-series (MP4) trucks with Euro 6 emission standard systems. After years of development we can now offer ideal solution for the following Mercedes Euro 6 trucks: ACTROS, ATEGO, AROCS, ANTOS. What sets our emulator apart form others is that Can Smart adblue emulator will fully emulate all emission control systems including DPF. It would be recommended to remove DPF filter after installing adblue emulator as it will get full as time goes by. Alternatively, you will need to carry out forced re-generation once filter gets full.

Can Smart Mercedes adblue emulators are suitable for trucks with retarder or without.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss adblue disconnect possibilities for your Mercedes truck.