Although good quality adblue emulators are quite easy to install and use, there are some issues that may arise whilst installing it. Below we will discuss some of the most common issues with certain truck makes and models.

Volvo EURO 6 FH, FM, FMX

If truck has SCR related problems/error codes, before installing the emulator, most of them will go away after installation. However, there is one error code in particular which will stay. This is an error related to ‘poor AdBlue quality’ This is an active error code which will not go away. This fault must be cleared/deleted after installing the emulator using dealer level diagnostic tool such as VOLVO VOCOM. Once this error code is cleared it will not come back and the emulator will work fine. Please see photos below on how to clear this fault.

**3 photos of diagnostic. ** + 1 PHOTO OF ERROR ON DASH


DAF LF EURO 5 models will require Can Smart Cummins emulator. This can be installed to a vehicle with fully operational adblue system as well as to a vehicle with existing adblue or nox related problems/faults. Our emulator will emulate both – adblue system as well as nox sensors. If vehicle already had adblue faults prior to installing the emulator, these will disappear after installation. However, if there was an active nox fault it will stay even after installing the emulator. Don’t worry, this is nothing serious. The vehicle needs to be driven under load for a bit for this fault to clear by itself. This is due to the fact that the truck’s ECU needs run tests and register correct signals sent by the emulator. NOX tests are run at high temperature hence the vehicle must be driven to achieve such conditions. Normally, active nox fault will disappear after 20 – 50 miles of driving. You can also clear this fault with diagnostic tool, but should you not have access to such tool simply driving the vehicle will eliminate the fault.

Should you still have adblue related faults after installing the emulator, please check adblue tank level sensor and temperature sensor. These cannot be emulated and must be in working condition. The adblue emulator covers all other SCR components.

Troubleshooting DAF LF EURO 5

Can Smart Cummins adblue emulator have self-diagnosis function. With emulator fully installed, fuses taken out and ignition on, check the led lights on the emulator:

RED light = can lines connected incorrectly

Action: check instructions again to make sure you have made correct connections.  If it seems right, swap can lines over and check the light again.

RED/YELLOW light = SCR system not disconnected

Action: Check instructions again and make sure correct fuses are taken out.

Blue light = emulator is fully operational.


Not all Scania Euro 5 adblue emulators will work with this model. We do have bespoke emulator for this vehicle, but please note it is important you quote this model when ordering your emulator. We can also offer plug & play adblue emulator for Scania R730 trucks.


There are two adblue emulators for MAN Euro 6 trucks. The only difference between them is a slight difference in program/software. The difference is in adblue tank size. Large trucks (TGX, TGS) will have large adblue tanks whilst smaller trucks (TGM, TGL) will have a smaller tank. Emulator does need to be programmed for the correct adblue tank size. If you have ordered emulator for TGS/TGX truck it will not work on TGM/TGL trucks and vice versa. Please provide full vehicle details when ordering to ensure we supply correct emulators.


It is important to mention that can line connections must be connected at the correct place ensuring can line speed ability to receive and send signals from/to the ECU. Unlike in most Euro 5 trucks where CAN-LINE connections can be taken from OBD port, it is not the case with Scania trucks. CAN-LINES should be connected at engine bay under the cab and extension routed back into the cab

This will ensure optimum adblue emulator performance and longevity.

Please note, CAN-LINE connections will be different for 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Please pay particular attention to this part of instructions.


If you have installed the adblue emulator correctly, but it is not working, please check if the vehicle is fitted with retarder. Our Volvo FL, FE adblue emulators are only suitable for trucks without retarder at the moment.

To be continued….