Adblue emulators are available for most MAN trucks. Main MAN truck models are TGX, TGS, TGM and TGL. For MAN euro 4 and euro 5 models, single Can Smart MAN EURO 5 adblue emulator will suit all of them. Factors such as gearbox being automatic or manual and others will not affect the emulator performance. MAN Euro 4 / MAN Euro 5 adblue emulator will have four wires to connect (can lines plus power supply) Installing MAN Euro 5 adblue emulator is easy and quick. Estimated installation time is 40 minutes.

We have been producing MAN Euro 4/5 adblue emulators for many years now and are quite confident this is one of the best adblue disconnection devices on the market today.

We are also proud to be able to offer MAN Euro 6 adblue emulators. Euro 6 MAN trucks come in same models as Euro 5 trucks, main models being TGX, TGS, TGL & TGM. Although Euro 5 emulator would suit all models without exception, there are couple of variants with Euro 6 trucks. The difference is in adblue tank, they come in two sizes. MAN TGX and TGS are larger/long distance lorries, which would normally have a larger adblue tank. Smaller, town trucks such as TGM or TGL would have a smaller tank. It is very important that you quote the correct vehicle model when ordering your adblue emulator as these will have to programmed according to the truck’s adblue tank volume. So the emulator for MAN TGX could also be installed to MAN TGS, but it would not work 100% on trucks with small adblue tanks like TGM or TGL. Same goes for the smaller models, TGM adblue emulator can be installed to other small truck such as TGL, but not to larger trucks like TGX… This is the only difference between the two adblue emulator models we have for MAN Euro 6 trucks. Can Smart emulator will work on trucks with retarder or without and with any transmission type.

MAN EURO 6 adblue emulator will fully emulate SCR and also NOX systems. Can Smart MAN Euro 6 adblue emulator can be installed to a vehicle which already has SCR or NOX related problems. Emulator will not disconnect or emulate DPF system, which means everything will stay the same with DPF and you do not need to remove the filter or do anything with it. Re-generation will also run as normal.

As with any of our products, our MAN adblue emulators come with instructions, tech support and 2 year warranty.