Adblue emulator installation depends on factors such as vehicle make, model euro emission standard and emulator make. Most commonly, there will be 4 wires to connect, these would be positive, negative, can hi and can lo lines. Normally, the same emulator would be suitable for euro 4 and euro 5 standard trucks, euro 6 trucks would need a different emulator as euro 6 standard emission systems are way more complicated. Adblue emulator installation to euro 4 and euro 5 trucks is normally quite simple and straightforward. Installation of Can Smart emulator for trucks like DAF, MAN, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO is very easy and you will not need to do anything else, simply connect the emulator and you are done. Emulators for these vehicles will have four wires to connect and you will also need to disable adblue and nox system after installation, this way letting the emulator to take over. SCR system disconnection can be done by removing fuses or by cutting power supply to the SCR system. For Mercedes trucks the installation will be a little more complicated and apart from the emulator there will be extra wire harness and adapters to be installed. Can Smart emulator for Mercedes trucks will come as a full kit for the easiest installation possible. Scania adblue emulator will also require extra harness as the can line connection needs to be taken from under the cab and wire harness routed to the front of the cab. Again, our Scania euro 5 adblue emulator will come as a full kit, or you can make your own wire extension.

We believe we can offer an exceptional solution for customers, especially for trade customers, looking for top quality euro 4 and euro 5 adblue emulators. Our Can Smart Universal emulator will automatically recognise the vehicle once installed and run the correct software. You do not need to program it or do anything else, simply install the emulator to any euro 4 or euro 5 truck and the emulator will do the rest. It will even take care of any SCR or Nox related error codes so even if your vehicle already has problems with these systems or even if your vehicle is in limp mode, you can still fit Can Smart Universal emulator and all these problems will go away like magic.. (please note, in some cases you will need to drive the vehicle for a bit after installing the emulator for the error lights to go away) Our universal adblue emulator is suitable for the following euro 4 and euro 5 standard trucks:

Euro 6 standard trucks will have completely different adblue emulators and different installation. Special attention should be paid to Volvo, Renault, DAF and Scania Euro 6 trucks. Volvo and Renault trucks (normally made between 2013 and 2015) can be Euro 5 + standard, which is not really euro 5 nor euro 6 – it is a hybrid in between these. These vehicles will require a dedicated emulator, neither euro 5 or euro 6 adblue emulator will do on these. As for Scania, euro 6 trucks there are two possible adblue emulator variations. One is for so cold ‘old generation’ systems; these are normally in trucks made between 2013 – 2017, and the new generation, 2017 – 2020. The emulator will be the same however the software is slightly different; hence the correct program has to be uploaded for successful installation. Same goes for DAF trucks, there are two software variants. One will suit DAF trucks with EAS3 ECU (2013 – 2017) and the second for trucks with EAS4 ECU (2017 – 2020) These details are very important as incorrect software will result in emulator not working as it should.

Whichever truck you need the emulator for you can rest assured buying it from us will ensure your adblue emulator installation will be successful. Not only will you receive top of the range adblue emulator, but also detailed instructions, access to our dedicated online tech support and 2 year warranty with every product.

DAF LF EURO 4/5 adblue emulators are completely different from other daf emulators. This is due to the fact that DAF LF has a different engine and different SCR and Nox systems.  Whereas simple DAF EURO 5 adblue emulator is suitable for all main models such as DAF XF105, DAF CF85, DAF CF75… DAF LF 45 and DAF LF 55 models require a dedicated adblue emulator, which is suitable for CUMMINS engines.  Please note, DAF CF65 can be equipped with any of the two engines used by DAF – PACCAR or CUMMINS. Please pay attention to engine model when ordering emulator for DAF CF65 truck.

We have been supplying cummins emulators for many years now and are confident that our CAN SMART CUMMINS emulator is one of the best on the market today. Our CUMMINS range includes three products at the moment: adblue+nox emulator, adblue+nox plug & play emulator and lastly nox emulator. These emulators are suitable for DAF LF EURO 4 and EURO 5 Trucks. First, lets review our adblue+nox emulator which has 4 wires to be connected. As with all our products, daf lf emulator comes with full photographic instructions and tech support should you need it. You should estimate emulator installation time to be around 30 minutes. It offers full SCR and nox disconnection and can even be fitted to LF truck which already has problems relating to these systems. You should not expect to be able to do this withc cheap Chinese or Turkish emulators.

If there were SCR related faults prior to installing he emulator, normally these errors will go away without the need to erase them with diagnostic tool. However, if the vehicle had active Nox fault, which was there for some time, it will stay there after installing the emulator. If Nox fault stays, the vehicle must be driven under load (with emulator fully installed) It normally takes 20 – 50 miles of driving under load after installing the emulator for active Nox faults to go away. For active Nox fault to be cleared, ECU need to run test and register the correct signals sent by the emulator so that it thinks the fault was repaired. Such test are only run once exhaust system reaches required temperature, hence the vehicle needs to be driven under load for its exhaust to reach such temperature.

Active Nox faults can also be cleared instantly with dealer level diagnostic tool. If you do not have the access to such tools, the only other way is to drive the vehicle under load as explained above.


Can Smart emulator will emulator the following components:

NOx sensor
SCR module
Adblue pressure sensor
Adblue pump
Adblue pump heater

Please note, Can Smart emulator does not emulate Adblue tank level sensor. It must be in working condition for the emulator to perform 100% Your adblue level will stay the same as before installing the emulator, whatever you have in the tank – that is what the gauge will be showing.

Adblue temperature sensor must also be in working condition, as data from this sensor is sent directly to the vehicle’s ECU and therefore it is impossible to emulate via the adblue emulator.

We can also offer a much easier emulator to install – our plug and play cummins emulator. This emulator simply plugs in to nox sensor place and you are done. Installation time 5-10 minutes and you get the same benefits as with our wired emulator.

Lastly we have our cummins nox emulator. This comes as a PCB (printed circuit board) You would need to remove nox sensor from the vehicle, open it and switch pcb’s over. Then you would need to re-seal the nox box and place nox sensor back in its place. This emulator will only emulate nox system, your adblue system will stay as it , continue to use adblue liquid etc..

We are in the last stages of developing adblue emulator for DAF LF EURO 6 trucks and will post an update as soon as it is ready for retail.

Should you have any questions in regards to DAF LF or other trucks, please do not hesitate to contact us.