Adblue emulator installation depends on factors such as vehicle make, model euro emission standard and emulator make. Most commonly, there will be 4 wires to connect, these would be positive, negative, can hi and can lo lines. Normally, the same emulator would be suitable for euro 4 and euro 5 standard trucks, euro 6 trucks would need a different emulator as euro 6 standard emission systems are way more complicated. Adblue emulator installation to euro 4 and euro 5 trucks is normally quite simple and straightforward. Installation of Can Smart emulator for trucks like DAF, MAN, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO is very easy and you will not need to do anything else, simply connect the emulator and you are done. Emulators for these vehicles will have four wires to connect and you will also need to disable adblue and nox system after installation, this way letting the emulator to take over. SCR system disconnection can be done by removing fuses or by cutting power supply to the SCR system. For Mercedes trucks the installation will be a little more complicated and apart from the emulator there will be extra wire harness and adapters to be installed. Can Smart emulator for Mercedes trucks will come as a full kit for the easiest installation possible. Scania adblue emulator will also require extra harness as the can line connection needs to be taken from under the cab and wire harness routed to the front of the cab. Again, our Scania euro 5 adblue emulator will come as a full kit, or you can make your own wire extension.

We believe we can offer an exceptional solution for customers, especially for trade customers, looking for top quality euro 4 and euro 5 adblue emulators. Our Can Smart Universal emulator will automatically recognise the vehicle once installed and run the correct software. You do not need to program it or do anything else, simply install the emulator to any euro 4 or euro 5 truck and the emulator will do the rest. It will even take care of any SCR or Nox related error codes so even if your vehicle already has problems with these systems or even if your vehicle is in limp mode, you can still fit Can Smart Universal emulator and all these problems will go away like magic.. (please note, in some cases you will need to drive the vehicle for a bit after installing the emulator for the error lights to go away) Our universal adblue emulator is suitable for the following euro 4 and euro 5 standard trucks:

Euro 6 standard trucks will have completely different adblue emulators and different installation. Special attention should be paid to Volvo, Renault, DAF and Scania Euro 6 trucks. Volvo and Renault trucks (normally made between 2013 and 2015) can be Euro 5 + standard, which is not really euro 5 nor euro 6 – it is a hybrid in between these. These vehicles will require a dedicated emulator, neither euro 5 or euro 6 adblue emulator will do on these. As for Scania, euro 6 trucks there are two possible adblue emulator variations. One is for so cold ‘old generation’ systems; these are normally in trucks made between 2013 – 2017, and the new generation, 2017 – 2020. The emulator will be the same however the software is slightly different; hence the correct program has to be uploaded for successful installation. Same goes for DAF trucks, there are two software variants. One will suit DAF trucks with EAS3 ECU (2013 – 2017) and the second for trucks with EAS4 ECU (2017 – 2020) These details are very important as incorrect software will result in emulator not working as it should.

Whichever truck you need the emulator for you can rest assured buying it from us will ensure your adblue emulator installation will be successful. Not only will you receive top of the range adblue emulator, but also detailed instructions, access to our dedicated online tech support and 2 year warranty with every product.