Volvo trucks are well known for their SCR, NOX and DPF systems being very unreliable. Another grim fact is that Volvo adblue system problems are very expensive to fix. Naturally, many Volvo truck/fleet owners would rather have these systems ‘put to sleep’ instead of constantly spending vast amounts of money to repair these Volvo SCR or DPF systems. Although, adblue emulators are illegal in the UK and within the EU, there are plenty countries out there that do not enforce/support European Emission Standards and where using adblue emulator is perfectly legal.

Lets discuss Volvo Euro 5 trucks first. Most common Volvo Euro 5 truck models are: FH, FM, FMX, FE, FL. All of these models have the same SCR system hence the same Volvo Euro 5 adblue emulator will be suitable for all of them. These trucks would also have two nox sensors in addition to SCR system. Can Smart emulators will disconnect and fully emulate both. adblue system as well as nox sensors. Cheaper Chinese or Turkish versions will normally disconnect only limited components within the Volvo SCR or Nox system. To install the emulator in Volvo Euro 5 trucks you will need to connect four wires, installation should not take more than 20-30 minutes. After installing Can Smart emulator your adblue level gauge and all other parameters will be indicating normal SCR and Nox system performance. Even if the vehicle already had adblue or nox errors/faults prior to installing the emulator, these will disappear. If your vehicle was in limp mode it will be back to full power after installing Can Smart adblue emulator.

Plug & play Volvo euro 5 adblue emulators are also available on request. Such emulator would plug into SCR socket located within the junction box under the bonnet. You would also need to connect single wire (negative) This would save you about 10 – 15 minutes on installation, but apart from that it offers the same benefits as the emulator which has to be hardwired in.

It may also be possible to disconnect adblue and nox on Volvo euro 5 trucks by re-mapping the ecu file. This would involve changing factory settings (maps) within the ECU file. A file needs to be downloaded and emailed to us. Once we have modified it, we will send it back for uploading.

Next we have Series 4, Euro 5 Volvo trucks. These trucks are normally known as FH4, FM4… It is important to understand that these trucks are different to Series 3 Euro 5 models. Volvo 4-series Euro 5 trucks will require a special, dedicated adblue emulator as normal Euro 5 emulator will not be suitable. 4-series trucks have a different emission control system to that of an older, 3-series Volvo trucks. Can Smart adblue emulators for Volvo FH4 Euro 5 trucks are one of the best out there and suitable for trucks with retarder or without. We can also offer plug&play adblue emulator for Volvo FH4 Euro 5 trucks.

Volvo FH4 Euro 5 adblue emulator is the only option available at present to disconnect adblue system. ECU file re-mapping is not possible on these models.

Volvo Euro 6 trucks have completely different, and way more advanced emission control systems. There are no universal emulator which would fit all models. There are two types of SCR systems in Volvo Euro 6 trucks, one in large lorries such as FH, FM and another, slightly different system in small, town trucks such as FE, FL. We can offer adblue emulators all of these models. For Volvo FH, FM, FMX trucks we can offer a choice of adblue emulators, Can Smart Volvo Euro 6 adblue emulator (this has to be wired in) or Can Smart Plug & Play adblue emulator. Apart from the installation, the only other difference is that plug & play adblue emulator is only suitable for trucks without retarder. Normal Volvo Euro 6 adblue emulator is suitable for trucks with retarder or without.

Volvo Euro 6 adblue emulator is the only option available at present to disconnect adblue system. ECU file re-mapping is not possible on these trucks.