Cleaner logoGovernment emission standards usually require trucks to be equipped with an SCR system. This is especially true in the EU, where these regulations present very strict guidelines to emission levels. Sadly, these do not make the life for an average fleet owner easy, as the SCR system has received a hefty amount of criticism over the years: having to spend up to £2000 on a vehicle which is in great shape, albeit has a faulty emissions system, has a lot of hauliers at a loss for words for the unreliability and cost of the system.

Fortunately there have been solutions on the market that have brought reliable results. AdBlue emulators are the most sought after solution, but it is simply impossible to use them within the EU without receiving hefty fines for avoiding emission regulations. Software AdBlue removal is also possible, but is also considered illegal within the EU.

CanLogic has developed a solution that can help, guaranteed – the DTC Errors Cleaner. It can help in situations where your SCR system has developed a fault on the road and there is no possible way to go to a service or if you would like to finish the job beforehand. It simply resets Limp mode timer, giving the driver extra time to finish his duties first or drive to servicing without power restrictions affecting the vehicle.

This is incredibly useful with most trucks, since they give an acceptable amount of time until the power restriction takes effect (for example, Volvo gives you 70 hours before it caps your vehicle), but the most important thing is that you can reset the timer as many times you would like, meaning that you can keep doing it until you have the time and funds for a professional to take a look at the issue.

The best part? Any further inspection of the vehicle will not show that the Limp mode timer has been cleared – you can pretend that the fault appeared only recently.

The list of benefits goes on:

  • No need for emergency servicing

  • Can drive to your trusted service later

  • Can continue using it indefinitely

  • No need for AdBlue refills

The device is compatible with most Euro 5 and 6 trucks and comes with 2 years of warranty and a 30 day refund guarantee, so you never have to worry about faulty parts.

All in all, we feel that this device is a must have for those that consider the SCR system a hassle or for anyone that would like to ensure themselves from further damage to their vehicles.