Cummins AdBlue emulatorVehicles with Cummins engines are notorious for having SCR systems which are expensive to fix. Cummins parts are not only rare in the EU, but they are also as unreliable as any other SCR systems, making the repair bill even larger than usual.

Thankfully, CanLogic offers a solution for the issue.

The CanSmart Cummins AdBlue emulator works with most European Cummins-based trucks and can fully imitate both the SCR and NOx systems up to the last bit of detail. Not only is the emulator much cheaper than a full on SCR system repair but it also is faster and easier to do. In the end you also do not need to worry about any other component being faulty as well, improving the overall reliability by a huge amount.

Recently, we had a person contact us, explaining that he bought a Euro 4 DAF LF45 which had cost him a lot of time and money. He spent over £6000 SCR repairs alone and wasted a lot of time going from replacing one part to another. He needed something to solve his issues and he had never found a solution for DAF LF trucks anywhere else.

The DAF LF emulator was not only the perfect solution for him, but also he was pleased to hear that it is incredibly easy to install: only 4 wires to connect (CAN High, CAN Low, positive and ground) and a small plug to put onto the temperature sensor. Additionally, you also get 2 years of warranty with the product, which makes it all the more worthwhile.

For more info, visit the AdBlue Emulator page or contact us directly.


  • DAF LF, CF 65
  • AVIA
  • KingLong
  • SANY
  • KAMAZ, MAZ, PAZ, KAVZ, GAZ (Cummins only)
  • AUTOSAN (Cummins only)