adblue emulator illegalAdBlue emulators have been used throughout the United Kingdom as a means to save money – fleet owners avoid costly repairs and spending lots of money on AdBlue fluid with a simple installation of different types of AdBlue emulators or cheat devices.

Yet, with road inspections becoming an often seen trend in the United Kingdom, people are starting to move away from the devices in favour of using the system as originally intended due to the legal repercussions. AdBlue emulators are strictly illegal to use within the United Kingdom, with the penalties for using AdBlue emulators ranging from warnings and mandatory servicing to a hefty fine.

As it stands, Can Logic Ltd. are against AdBlue emulator installation for anyone that operates a fleet in the United Kingdom as the SCR system prevents toxic chemicals from escaping into the surroundings which can otherwise be very harmful to our environment.

Despite this, AdBlue emulators can be used in perfectly legal professional settings which require high quality emulation of an SCR system:

  • Trucks that operate outside of Europe can use AdBlue emulators if urea is rarely found around truck stops and fuel stations. At any point if you enter a non-EU country that does not have harsh emission laws you can activate an AdBlue emulator to save urea for the journey back. If the vehicle will be out of urea and there are no ways of filling up the AdBlue tank the vehicle will go into LIMP mode until you manage to refill the tank.
  • Export vehicles are also one of the main users of AdBlue emulators due to its ease of management compared to software rewrites. At any point you will be able to restore the vehicle to its normal state, turning on the SCR system if you enter countries with specific emission laws. Alternitavely, you could remove the SCR system completely to sell for parts and permanently install an AdBlue emulator, making a small profit from the “conversion”.
  • Euro standard emission conversion is also one of the ways to use AdBlue emulators. Businesses that provide conversions from Euro 5 to Euro 6 vehicles can benefit from a high quality AdBlue emulator due to its simplicity. You simply install a device that can imitate the AdBlue system of the vehicle accurately and then install the upgraded system in its place, removing the need of another software conversion and making the changes revertible.

However, not every emulator can be used for these purposes, as most cheaper emulators (like the infamous Chinese emulators) do not fully emulate the SCR system. Cheaper low quality emulators emulate an SCR system which is not activated due to a low catalyst temperature, which prevents the vehicle from activating the SCR system and makes the vehicle spend more fuel to “heat up” the catalyst. This can lead to complications in the future, including permanent damage to the catalyst (which is the most expensive and important part of the SCR system).

We at Can Logic Ltd. offer emulators which will fully imitate the SCR system in a reliable fashion including the SCR control unit, injector, AdBlue pump, AdBlue level sensor, the AdBlue tank itself (with the heating system) and the NOx sensor all while maintaining dynamic values. Furthermore, with additional limited warranty and tech support you will not only receive a reliable AdBlue emulator, but you will also have the guarantee that it will stay fully functional throughout its use.

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