Fitting AdBlue emulators has been a way of reducing fleet operation costs for many years now: they remove the need to buy urea and ensure that no AdBlue faults will interrupt your journey, be it present or potential ones. Within the years fleet companies in specific European countries find it almost mandatory to fit AdBlue emulators due to the high repair costs associated with SCR systems which often exceed thousands of euros.

Despite the potential risks that AdBlue emulators bring to a company it would often be more profitable to operate a fleet with AdBlue emulators installed and accept the fines rather than fixing the SCR system. Typically manufacturers set a 2 year warranty if genuine parts are used and installed by genuine manufacturers, but considering the costs of repair smaller businesses are almost forced to use them or face significant losses.

However, recent regulation changes (the UK being the best example) have made companies remove AdBlue emulators in fear of very high fine costs, further vehicle inspection and potential license revocations. The stigma surrounding AdBlue emulators has risen to such levels that some compare it to putting magnets onto tachographs – fleet owners are now seeking better alternatives to keep their fleet on the road for longer before the rapid control checks spread towards neighboring countries.

To prevent the potential risks of AdBlue emulators, CanLogic offers the DTC Cleaner as a solution that allows you to temporarily use your vehicle in the case of SCR system faults.

The DTC Cleaner is a device that clears all faults from the dashboard of the vehicle, connecting to the control units of the vehicle and clearing their fault memory. While not a fix, it is a temporary solution that can delay repairs of the SCR system since it can be used as many times as needed before ultimately deciding for SCR system repairs.

Best of all? It acts exactly like a “Clear all” button on a diagnostics system, which means it is fully legal and there are no risks associated with it.

Main features of the DTC Cleaner:

  • Clear inactive faults from the dashboard instantly
  • Reset the LIMP mode timer
  • Easy plug-and-play functionality
  • No need for special equipment
  • Incredible value for money

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