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Fleet repair abroad – risks, poor practices and solutions

Fleet reliability has always depended on a multitude of factors, but many would agree that the most important aspect of a reliable fleet would be having quality servicing. Repairs covered under warranty which are done by official brand representatives are usually trusted by fleet owners. Yet, poor management and low control standards in some countries […]

Legal uses for AdBlue emulators

AdBlue emulators have been used throughout the United Kingdom as a means to save money – fleet owners avoid costly repairs and spending lots of money on AdBlue fluid with a simple installation of different types of AdBlue emulators or cheat devices. Yet, with road inspections becoming an often seen trend in the United Kingdom, […]

AdBlue emulator regulations – risks, alternatives, DTC Cleaners

Fitting AdBlue emulators has been a way of reducing fleet operation costs for many years now: they remove the need to buy urea and ensure that no AdBlue faults will interrupt your journey, be it present or potential ones. Within the years fleet companies in specific European countries find it almost mandatory to fit AdBlue […]