In a word, NO. Adblue emulators are strictly illegal to use on the roads of the UK or any other country within the European Union. Although it is not against the law to produce, sell, buy or keep in possession, adblue emulators are not legal to use in any vehicle. Adblue emulators are irreplaceable gadget for trucks being used or going for export to where no adblue is not available and no euro emissions standards apply. Also, Adblue can freeze up in especially cold climates, adblue emulator can stop the vehicle’s performance being impacted. Again, adblue emulators can only be used in countries where no European Emission standards are in force.


Operators/drivers should think carefully about installing adbblue emulators in their vehicles, which are used on UK roads. This may have serious consequences.

In 2017, the DVSA announced that it will start checks for emissions cheating devices or modifications as part of roadside enforcement stops.  It is a criminal offence to use a vehicle, which has been modified so that it does not meet its intended design emissions standard. The DVSA can issue roadworthiness prohibitions with a 10-day requirement for any non-compliant vehicle to be returned to its original emissions condition, a failure to do so runs the risk of attracting fines, which can be issued for both operator and driver.

So in summary, adblue emulators are illegal to use in any vehicle, which is being used on UK roads. By using adblue emulator, your vehicle will potentially be emitting up to 2,5 times more harmful emissions over the official level. Use of adblue emulators threatens to undercut responsible and compliant operators and also damages the environment and public health.


There were numerous warnings from senior Traffic commissioners published during 2018 and 2019. They welcomed the steps being taken by the enforcement agency to identify vehicles which emissions cheating devices. Vehicle check for adblue emulator presence is now a part of routine vehicle inspection process at roadside.